crew selection

Air One is uniquely qualified to select flight crews. We are experienced pilots ourselves and conduct in-depth interviews when selecting flight crews. Beyond stellar flying skills, we consider our crews to be our ambassadors, and expect them to act as such.


The only one way to ensure safe operations is through proper ongoing training. Pilots receive proficiency checks and undergo regular recurrent training in both day-to-day operations as well as emergency procedures. Our pilots train like they fly and fly like they train.


All aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, often exceeding applicable FAA regulations and manufacturers’ recommended procedures. Our mechanics are highly trained and carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and whenever possible, cost-conscious maintenance.

Flight Operations

Flight operations are conducted first and foremost with safety in mind. All flights are reviewed and must be approved by our flight department after careful consideration is given to any potential safety or operational issues. Flight operations flight-follows all aircraft and, if requested, appraises clients, their families or their office staff of progress and details for departure or arrival.


Air One is aware of both the limitations and high cost of traditional private aviation catering suppliers. To that end, our flight attendants generally source catering from the best available specialty markets and restaurants. Meals sourced from the best restaurants are not only substantially better and healthier but are usually surprisingly considerably cheaper than the fare offered by traditional airport caterers.

Children are special to us at Air One. We are parents ourselves and understand they have special needs. Children meals aren't just smaller portions of adult dishes to us. We know what they like and also have lots of fun activities for kids on board.


Our accounting department reviews each and every invoice carefully to guarantee proper and careful accounting. Each trip is individually accounted for, giving clients a clear picture of expenses and revenue. Air One believes in complete transparency and furthermore, is aggressive in negotiating the best rates for third-party services such as outside maintenance, fuel purchases, and crew training contracts.

Curated travel

Air One is not just a charter company. We have a wide network of partners and friends throughout the world, and are proud to assist our clients in securing difficult to obtain hotel and restaurant reservations, creating the most unique experience possible for our clients.