Paul Moore
Chief Pilot

Paul Moore’s pilot license has so many type-ratings the FAA may soon have to issue him a larger version of it to fit them all in. The list includes AMEL BE-2000S; CL-600; CL-604; DA-20; EMB-145; HS-125; IA-JET; L-1329; LR-60; LR-JET. Like Skip, Paul has held every FAA legal position possible including Senior Vice-President of Atlantic Aviation. His responsibilities included managing a large fleet and its attending pilots in 16 different locations. Paul was the Chief Pilot at Indigo and was part of the team that won the approval for Indigo to become the first business jet commercial operator to receive DOT fitness approval. They were granted a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity under parts 41101 and 380 as a public charter operator. In addition to his many qualifications, Paul served in the United States Navy as a Nuclear Engineering Specialist and was honorably discharged. Paul read Electrical Engineering at Penn State and also holds a United States Coast Guard 100 Ton Master Captain’s License.